If Only

Definitely one of my favourite brands, but for now, only drooling from afar. Lusting over that snake print skirt and the models perfect "I didn't try too hard" hair style. Well done Friend of mine, very well done. Check out their blog here. http://www.madebyafriendofmine.com.au/blog/

I should be doing homework

Winter wonders new in. The top picture is this grey tassel thing which I put on an old chain, it was only $3 but I love it. New boots from Wittner, which I am obsessed with (I can't even bare to put them away into my closet, they are just on show in my room) and white high waisted Cheap Monday jeans. I have to jump into them, and they are skin tight, so I better keep the winter blubber layer off this year so I can sport them in the colder months. It's the end of the holidays now, and I am procrastinating finishing some holiday homework. I hope you are all having a good day, stay fab!

Two Great Photos

A Week in Paradise

1. Sunset on the first night
2. Out to dinner with my new shirt purchase 
3. Lazing by the pool
4. Wandering the streets with my new sunnies 
5. The weird light in the sky on our beach walk
6. Night beach walk 

Byron here I come

Driving to Byron to get my learner hours up, and staying there for a week, I am very excited. Planning to hit up markets, swim and read some books. 
1. James Bond penguin book 
2. Vintage Leather Oroton Wallet
3. CK Shock Perfume
4. RUSSH Magazine April/May
5. Sportsgirl Sunglasses
6. Silver Angus & Coote Necklace
7. The Smiths CD (to pass the time while I drive) 

Cashmere if you can

Ok, all cards on the table. I am an old soul at heart, a sucker for documentaries, tea in bed, slippers, flower shops, the smell of old books and knitting. It's that time of year again, the chunky knits break out, and this year with my great average knitting skills I am going to add to my collection. I've already made a scarf, a mug holder and cat toy, but lets be honest they are all
pretty straight forward, so this winter, I have my eye on bigger and better things!

New In

1. Vintage Oroton Bag - my friend got this from her grandma, and passed it on to me. Its beautiful, old and matches my wallet. I was unsure to take it, seeing as its so amazing, but she insisted. 
2. Bardot Gold Chain - feeling very gangster with this chain on. Quite heavy but I've been looking for one for so long.
3. Sportsgirl Cat Eye Sunglasses - the most perfect sunglasses I have ever come by. I've been obsessing over them for too long, and I am ecstatic to finally have them. Thoroughly looking for to wearing them in Byron (this time next week!!!!)

Splashes of Red

 Perfection. These gorgeous red and pink bougainvillea's are scattered around Greece, but can be seen in many other places. I've become quite obsessed with them, they just bring so much life to ancient buildings and plain streets.