Life As It Is

Hello and I have just been through the 3 biggest months of my life. Basically it feels like I have been running flat out since September and so much has happened and so much has changed that I feel I just need to stop and reflect on everything that I have accomplished. So basically...

1. I  GRADUATED HIGH SCHOOL (and dressed up as a hippie)

 2. I had my valedictory

3. I turned 18, had a afternoon tea with some girls and received the most wonderful gifts
AND THEN  I pretty much went to the library every day for 6 weeks, endured 6 HSC exams, and questioned my own existence more than once. Then ended and I was free. If anyone older has experienced this, you know that it hits your like a train. One day I woke up and I no longer had to study, I could do whatever I pleased, and it has been bliss ever since that wonderful day. 
So what have I done?? How have I spent the last two weeks......

1. Cut 30cm off my hair
2. Went clubbing 4 nights in a row
3. Went to the beach
4. Spent the day on a yacht
5. Babysitting
6. Appreciating sunsets
7. Went to my formal
8. Exercise
9. Downloading new music
10. Cleaning out my cupboards
11. Went to a party on a farm
and caught up on A LOT  of sleep

And once I had nutted it out like that, and actually examined what I have been doing I've come to realise that I am having the time of my life. 
This is the "welcome to the rest of your life" period, and I have to say I could not be happier. 

What's next? 
More relaxing of course, enjoying beautiful weather (the emergence of summer), making money, saving money, and preparing for my month in Europe with my family in January (Berlin and Paris)
It seems that all the hard work has truly paid here's to the rest of my life.