The Last Taste of '13

These holidays there has definitely been a bit of "taking my own advice." There has been some cocktails feat. strawberries, blueberries and mint

Not to mention...ghetto braid outings (feat new shift dress) 

and some pool party banter, feat. ladies

I also went on French Camp, which sounds about as fun as it was. Legit it was the second week of school holidays and I was attending 3 1/2 hours of intensive French lessons a day and writing 7 FRENCH EXTENSION ESSAYS. Ah mon dieu, quell horreur... but all bitching and moaning aside it  was very helpful, and there were some picturesque moments. This included the sun-dipped room we slept in which was actually an old train carriage, a mountainous view as far as the eye could see, and a beautiful sunset on the plane ride home. 

The festive season brought family, food comas and beautiful gifts. It also "twas the season to be curly" as I was donned in ringlets topped off which a Christmas Cracker Crown making me feel princess esq. 

Boxing day pretty much dictated what I have been doing since Christmas; walking, getting coffee, the occasional outing and a bit of well-deserved R&R 

Sydney to Hobart viewing with mum and my grandfather (we didn't actually see anything, but hey it was a pretty walk and we heard the start canon) 

Walks for a latte, wearing new festive shorts, and sandals more suited for a 5 year old. 

Anyway, New Years Eve is tomorrow, I have some small plans, but mostly its going to be a chilled evening with friends and fireworks. A slow start to what will be  a long, and challenging year 
 xx - J

December is: ghetto braids, cocktails and wearing not much else

First week of holidays down, and it has been the best holidays so far. Its consisted of a mix of eating, sleeping, driving, swimming, tanning and drinking. 
But in a bit of salute to December, I present to you what it has brought for me. 

Also kind of wishing my car trips looked as care free as those girls, but actually my friends and I were in a car accident with an at fault bike rider who smashed the entire windscreen of my family car, so its a little more reserved.  
 - J xx


Made it, survived. I finished my first term of year 12. I'm tried and struggling to type this, but hey, I made it, that's definitely a notable achievement. I'd like to attribute my survival to a few things that got me through….

….sunsets, keeping the afternoon interesting, even when I was crouched over a laptop screen hastily finishing a practice essay on belonging (NoOOOoooOOO) 
But nonetheless, they are great, and I'm sure that I would as enthusiastically embrace sunrises if I wasn't a mess at the hour I get up. 

…fun? Not exactly all the time, but on the 3ish occasions I went out I definitely had some. To my friends themed party I went as a nurse (respectable nurse please) and that was an interesting night, especially the next day when I has decided to leave all my weekend homework for the one day. Oh well, I did manage it all in the end, and that fun kept me going.

I also went to the Yoko ono "War is Over" exhibition with my family which was so interesting and a great distraction which involved a huge walk across the bridge. 

…and had some fun at the beach when my friend and I had a free period (bless my timetable) 
and bless my P plates because we drove there

And last but not least, I attribute my survival to music. I have fully embraced the benefits of Spotify and spent way too much time in "discover" searching the recommendations that fit my taste. I also got a mac laptop for my last year at school and as an early Christmas present (woohoo), so I have sorted my entire iTunes and have some fabulous music to put on repeat this summer. 
Below is the mixtape I made for Ed's birthday, and my newest playlist from November as requested :) Enjoy them, music is the remedy in the busiest terms. 
For more playlists go to and scroll down

 From now I am on holidays, and am to enjoy 8 weeks of bliss. I am looking forward to a full, yet relaxing summer holidays and I just can't wait.  I'l definitely be more vocal than I was this term, so expect more posts soon 
xx - J