APC Spring 2016 Ready to Wear

Loving this! Oh APC so chic. Love the denim on denim jumpsuit, wouldn't mind that with a pair of pointy black boots or simple leather sandals. The whole vibe is very boxy and cute, jumpsuits and high waisted shorts and button up shirts allll the way to the top. I love it, give me stripes, cuffs and collars any day. Also, vibing those shin guards, like knee high boots for a sunny day...innovative APC...you've got me hooked. 

Currently traveling through Europe

I've been travelling for just over 3 months now and still have a few weeks to go. Therefore I haven't been very active on the blogspot scene. However, I'm feeling pretty inspired at the moment with fashion week in Paris. Maybe soon I'll get around to posting some travel snaps as I have A LOT. 
Hoping life is treating you all well