Calling for a bit of a celebration for the online purchase of my new Triangl bikini. I've been deliberating for months about this baby, perfect fabric, cut, colour, and final put the order through. Now its just the trials and tribulations of 3-7 working days. Also, in reality, its a birthday present, meaning I can't actually wear it out for 34 days (27th September, save the date) but still....doesn't mean I can't look at it...or touch it....or try it on......ah. Traingl bikinis are a pretty good price (especially in comparison to Seafolly, Jets etc.) but still my dad made a joke about how itsy-bitsy it was for the price he was paying but that's bikini's papa..sigh when will you learn. So I'm declaring this post a bit of ode to bikini bodies, or in the case of some of the pictures ..sans bikni bodies. I'm all round excited for it to get warmer, I'm talking Spring and then Summer, and these pictures encapsulate that feeling so well, I can almost smell the hot sun on concrete. 
- J