Ma Semaine

So I 've had a pretty good week due to the fact that I won a free coffee everyday for a week. I never win anything so this was BIG. Got my name on the board and everything, and by the end of it they knew me and knew my order (latte, 1 sugar) Very exciting. Also a good week because Spring is coming, as the jasmine has started blooming in my backyard, and I adore Spring, so this is perfect. Anyway, its Sunday afternoon (the perfect time to blog in my opinion) and I'm enjoying ink art by Mark Chadwick (see below) and listening to"I can't make you love me" by Bon Iver after a quiet night in with my best friend + pizza + apocalyptic movies. What a lovely end to a caffeine filled week. 
À plus tard mes chéries ....J

Adrien Sahores

HELP! I think I've fallen in love with this beau. I kind of want to kiss his beautiful little French face 

My Oh My, what a week!

So went back to school this week, my god. I didn't realised how much I'd slacked off, I knew I'd been a pretty terrible student over the holidays, investing my time in watching Made In Chelsea, eating and driving, so I got a bit of a wake up call when I got back. Ok first up it was my puppies birthday, that is just a name for him, he is not a puppy at all, he turned 11!!! A puppy at heart still, anyway he is called Arrow and I adore him, I feel like I upload too much about him on the social networks and people are starting to judge, BUT LET THEM JUDGE ME. Next up my earrings arrived from, so colourful I love them, I wore them last night to a surprise gathering for my friend and I really liked how they look on. Got to the weekend and spent Saturday doing a driving lesson and working on my geography project for 5 HOURS!!! But I finished it and printed it and its so perfect and I'm proud. So this morning (Sunday) I went to breakfast with my beautiful girls, ordered the most amazing poached eggs (see picture) and saw the cutest old couple, wanted to burst into spontaneous tears when I saw them, fair to say I aspire to be them when I am old and grey. Then in the afternoon my lovely dogs were cuddling on the same mat (a rarity) so I snapped a quick picture of their furs close together, makes my heart melt. ANYWAY - I like routine so I don't mind being back at school, except the load of assessments and looming exams, but oh well. Over and out - J 

Road Trip to Canberra

Max Dupain "Sunbather" and my fur coat 

Tea is life 

My favourite winter staple, my fur coat 

"Sun setting over a lake" - Turner from the Tate Exhibition National Gallery  

I can see September in my sights, it not only means spring and warmth, but my birthday. My 17th will mean I can get my P plates, but first I have to get all my hours, hence the reason for this post. Did a bit of a day roadtrip to Canberra with the parentals (exciting stuff) Visited the National Gallery of Australia and the portrait gallery, felt very cultured indeed. The weather was perfect, crisp and sunny, cold enough to wear my gorgeous fur coat from Paris. Funny story about the blank canvas above, it was actually one of the art works in the "Modern Art" section of NGA. It was literally just a blank canvas and I found it so funny that I had to take a picture. The thing that makes this story amazing, is the fact that the security guard ran over to me and got me in trouble. Definite highlight of my day, getting told off for taking a picture of a blank canvas.
Anyway hope you all had good holidays (if you had them) Back to school :(

How to trick your friends into thinking you have artistic talent - a book by me

1. What would like to paint? - how about a moody mountain scene, perfect, as it matches your soul  
2. Buy a canvas ($5 was a stretch on the budget)
3. Pick a nice spot in your chamber 
4. Do some sketching (yeap, that looks good enough)
5. Get those outlines in, congratulations, you have started using actual paint 
6. Quick, get some paint on that bad boy, I call this technique smoosh, (literally just slapped on some paint)
7. Check out them clouds, looking nice and chunky 

8. Hang him up, proud as peacock
 So there is it, my first "artistic" approach. I just really felt my room needed a personal creative touch, and the wall opposite my bed was in dire need of something. I'll be honest, it took me only about 48 hours tops including drying, and, I'm stoked! Love my little muffin of a painting, sitting proudly for me to see every morning and night. Holidays well spent in my opinion, don't you have an essay you should be doing Julia??? Yes, yes but that's all irrelevant, as I am now a carefree artistic soul.

Pet Selfies

So my best friend has gone to Europe for 3 weeks and its pretty fair to say I'm struggling to find things to entertain myself with. In reality I should be applying myself to start and finish an essay on the French Revolution and begin a report for geography, but I can't bring myself to, so I'll just continue blogging and wasting my time. Here is a compilation of pet selfies from the other day...animals are my only friends. Hope you are all having a good holiday (if you aren't on holidays I hope you are having a nice life) ENJOY 

Secundino Hernandez

 I am sucker chunky ass paint, and this is amazing! Secundino Hernandez is a genius, I mean I like his other stuff, see here but nothing trumps this masterpiece, such a mess, but so skilled . I saw it first on the Selby, here --->  ENJOY