How to trick your friends into thinking you have artistic talent - a book by me

1. What would like to paint? - how about a moody mountain scene, perfect, as it matches your soul  
2. Buy a canvas ($5 was a stretch on the budget)
3. Pick a nice spot in your chamber 
4. Do some sketching (yeap, that looks good enough)
5. Get those outlines in, congratulations, you have started using actual paint 
6. Quick, get some paint on that bad boy, I call this technique smoosh, (literally just slapped on some paint)
7. Check out them clouds, looking nice and chunky 

8. Hang him up, proud as peacock
 So there is it, my first "artistic" approach. I just really felt my room needed a personal creative touch, and the wall opposite my bed was in dire need of something. I'll be honest, it took me only about 48 hours tops including drying, and, I'm stoked! Love my little muffin of a painting, sitting proudly for me to see every morning and night. Holidays well spent in my opinion, don't you have an essay you should be doing Julia??? Yes, yes but that's all irrelevant, as I am now a carefree artistic soul.