Road Trip to Canberra

Max Dupain "Sunbather" and my fur coat 

Tea is life 

My favourite winter staple, my fur coat 

"Sun setting over a lake" - Turner from the Tate Exhibition National Gallery  

I can see September in my sights, it not only means spring and warmth, but my birthday. My 17th will mean I can get my P plates, but first I have to get all my hours, hence the reason for this post. Did a bit of a day roadtrip to Canberra with the parentals (exciting stuff) Visited the National Gallery of Australia and the portrait gallery, felt very cultured indeed. The weather was perfect, crisp and sunny, cold enough to wear my gorgeous fur coat from Paris. Funny story about the blank canvas above, it was actually one of the art works in the "Modern Art" section of NGA. It was literally just a blank canvas and I found it so funny that I had to take a picture. The thing that makes this story amazing, is the fact that the security guard ran over to me and got me in trouble. Definite highlight of my day, getting told off for taking a picture of a blank canvas.
Anyway hope you all had good holidays (if you had them) Back to school :(