My Oh My, what a week!

So went back to school this week, my god. I didn't realised how much I'd slacked off, I knew I'd been a pretty terrible student over the holidays, investing my time in watching Made In Chelsea, eating and driving, so I got a bit of a wake up call when I got back. Ok first up it was my puppies birthday, that is just a name for him, he is not a puppy at all, he turned 11!!! A puppy at heart still, anyway he is called Arrow and I adore him, I feel like I upload too much about him on the social networks and people are starting to judge, BUT LET THEM JUDGE ME. Next up my earrings arrived from, so colourful I love them, I wore them last night to a surprise gathering for my friend and I really liked how they look on. Got to the weekend and spent Saturday doing a driving lesson and working on my geography project for 5 HOURS!!! But I finished it and printed it and its so perfect and I'm proud. So this morning (Sunday) I went to breakfast with my beautiful girls, ordered the most amazing poached eggs (see picture) and saw the cutest old couple, wanted to burst into spontaneous tears when I saw them, fair to say I aspire to be them when I am old and grey. Then in the afternoon my lovely dogs were cuddling on the same mat (a rarity) so I snapped a quick picture of their furs close together, makes my heart melt. ANYWAY - I like routine so I don't mind being back at school, except the load of assessments and looming exams, but oh well. Over and out - J