Made it, survived. I finished my first term of year 12. I'm tried and struggling to type this, but hey, I made it, that's definitely a notable achievement. I'd like to attribute my survival to a few things that got me through….

….sunsets, keeping the afternoon interesting, even when I was crouched over a laptop screen hastily finishing a practice essay on belonging (NoOOOoooOOO) 
But nonetheless, they are great, and I'm sure that I would as enthusiastically embrace sunrises if I wasn't a mess at the hour I get up. 

…fun? Not exactly all the time, but on the 3ish occasions I went out I definitely had some. To my friends themed party I went as a nurse (respectable nurse please) and that was an interesting night, especially the next day when I has decided to leave all my weekend homework for the one day. Oh well, I did manage it all in the end, and that fun kept me going.

I also went to the Yoko ono "War is Over" exhibition with my family which was so interesting and a great distraction which involved a huge walk across the bridge. 

…and had some fun at the beach when my friend and I had a free period (bless my timetable) 
and bless my P plates because we drove there

And last but not least, I attribute my survival to music. I have fully embraced the benefits of Spotify and spent way too much time in "discover" searching the recommendations that fit my taste. I also got a mac laptop for my last year at school and as an early Christmas present (woohoo), so I have sorted my entire iTunes and have some fabulous music to put on repeat this summer. 
Below is the mixtape I made for Ed's birthday, and my newest playlist from November as requested :) Enjoy them, music is the remedy in the busiest terms. 
For more playlists go to and scroll down

 From now I am on holidays, and am to enjoy 8 weeks of bliss. I am looking forward to a full, yet relaxing summer holidays and I just can't wait.  I'l definitely be more vocal than I was this term, so expect more posts soon 
xx - J