The Last Taste of '13

These holidays there has definitely been a bit of "taking my own advice." There has been some cocktails feat. strawberries, blueberries and mint

Not to mention...ghetto braid outings (feat new shift dress) 

and some pool party banter, feat. ladies

I also went on French Camp, which sounds about as fun as it was. Legit it was the second week of school holidays and I was attending 3 1/2 hours of intensive French lessons a day and writing 7 FRENCH EXTENSION ESSAYS. Ah mon dieu, quell horreur... but all bitching and moaning aside it  was very helpful, and there were some picturesque moments. This included the sun-dipped room we slept in which was actually an old train carriage, a mountainous view as far as the eye could see, and a beautiful sunset on the plane ride home. 

The festive season brought family, food comas and beautiful gifts. It also "twas the season to be curly" as I was donned in ringlets topped off which a Christmas Cracker Crown making me feel princess esq. 

Boxing day pretty much dictated what I have been doing since Christmas; walking, getting coffee, the occasional outing and a bit of well-deserved R&R 

Sydney to Hobart viewing with mum and my grandfather (we didn't actually see anything, but hey it was a pretty walk and we heard the start canon) 

Walks for a latte, wearing new festive shorts, and sandals more suited for a 5 year old. 

Anyway, New Years Eve is tomorrow, I have some small plans, but mostly its going to be a chilled evening with friends and fireworks. A slow start to what will be  a long, and challenging year 
 xx - J