Anthology of Summer

1. Fantastic view of harbour on a balmy night at a friends
2. Beach day with my buddy during the 5 perfect days of sun and clear skies 
3. Threw on an outfit for a friends birthday drinks in a hurry
4. New read - definitely recommend it, I'm hooked on it

Lemonade, mint, vanilla syrup, raspberry cordial 
Interesting shot of the rocks and the water on a beautiful day 
Also I visited the aquarium with my friend, which I will point out is an excellent location for a date, but alas I am short a boy. Still the day was thoroughly enjoyable and tranquil. 

I'm am making the most of using my new playlist which I'm middy obsessed with and have taken to listening to it at every possible it is

I also watched this perfect movie which I have devoted myself to, and will create a more detailed blogpost about it, because it my eyes it deserves to be shared. 
But here is lovely screeshot till I have time....