Finally in love with my room. During exam week my walls were repainted in perfect white, and I love them. I stripped everything off the walls except for a postcard of men with pigeons above my bed (no idea where it came from, but I love it) and a gorgeous picture of my fashionable mother on top of my mirror. I have an extreme habit of de cluttering every holidays and cutting back to basics. Gotta keep the sanctuary clean to keep the head clear. The masterpiece is the bookshelf, which has to be immaculate  but it holds EVERYTHING, from books, to jewellery and make-up etc. Usually my mum surprises me with flowers (shown above) which keep the vibe of my room, and the postcards on the desk are recent, usually I just chuck things I like around, things I have collected. The only downfall of my room is the carpet, but we can't always win. Also my room needs a jaw dropping painting, I really want this mountain picture (below) on a canvas done with chunky ass paint, it would be perfect on the wall opposite from my bed, but it will have to be a holiday project. Anyway hope you enjoyed my room, I'm besotted with it.