Kicked off the holidays with a overnight party on a farm, which was something I have never done before, and the whole time couldn't get over the fact that I had been allowed.  The 5 hour train ride was a bit of a chore, but the fact that 40 other people I knew were on the same train made it a bit easier. As the dress code was Woodstock the girls adorned themselves in flowers and stick on jewels, and me being a person who loves to dress up, this was very exciting and something I got quite into. The setting of our arrival was a flat paddock, a setting sun and 20 or so tents. This lead into a great night which went on well into the morning, and I can't say I slept much at all. Then when the sun rose we all packed up, hopped on the train, With pictures on our dying phones, sleeping bags in our packs and crystals still stuck to our tired faces we made the journey back home.