Mmm, not quite sure how to feel. I'm sitting here with all my new stationary in my clean room with my summer uniform hanging on my door, about to embark into my final year of high school. This is truly the strangest thing. Despite the huge amount of work and stress I'm about to encounter, I am optimistically excited to get it all over and done with and move into the real world. But before I do, I think a holiday wrap-up is in order to show the odd photos I have collected that did not make it into my previous posts. 
First day of holidays, sisters birthday at Balmoral Boatshed 
First outing with my new and already beloved TRIANGL bikini 
Bunny Shenanigans at my friends house (while she was away haha)  
Crazy Sydney sunset, one of the most phenomenal I have seen 
The Rum Diary  (2011) - speaks words of wisdom 
A Spring holiday playlist to boot 
 I hope everyone who had holidays enjoyed them. If you, like me, are about to start Year 12, then I wish you the best of luck, we can do this!! LOTS OF LOVE -J