Black and White Weekend

I've had a bit of a liberal weekend (Australian voters mind the pun) but my parents have been away so my usually short leash was let go a bit. Friday night I went to my friends house for her birthday so I was given a lift by my other friend who picked me up in her massive Jeep with the music blasting, I felt extremely gangster its fair to say. After several hours of eating and talking, we went to North Head lookout to a 180 degree view of harbour and buildings all lit up in the night, it was amazing! 

"Quick guys pose for this picture"
Sitting on the Jeeps bonnet being rad and looking at Sydney 
Saturday was extremely busy with French class in the morning and play rehearsals in the afternoon. But I managed to go to my friends 17th Birthday Pres with my whole group, it was fun and very loud. I was really happy with my outfit feeling suave in my sister white leather skirt and amazing flatforms with Westwood inspired wings adorned on them. Also thought I'd dip in to the 90's and bring back the choker, I got heaps of compliments on it so I'm feeling that its a go. 

Today its been pretty lazy as a Sunday should be, walking my dog, getting coffee, sorting books. Also went to Bondi with my friend to do something exciting, but I might talk about that later...maybe. I'm sorry all the photos are in black and white, it made them all look better quality and all gave a bit of uniformity.