Up Hill Battle

No doubt it has been an up-hill trek of several weeks to get where I am now. My exams are over! I am 3 weeks away from finishing year 11 and 25 days away from being 17. This for me is the best time of year, because I am Springs #1 fan, and its fair to say that spring has sprung.The fact that I'm going to be in year 12 very soon is slowly sinking in, its exciting and terrifying, but I am really happy with my subjects and the marks I have been consistently getting, so bring it on. Here is just a few snaps from the past few weeks that I have gathered but only now do I have enough time to sit and blog about my life. ENJOY xx - J

1. My sister snapped this photo of me when I was attempting to teach her about the Cuban Revolution (modern history study) 
2. My French study spot on my day off, it was a perfect day and the view (as you can see) was spectacular 
3. I'm a bit of a cloud enthusiast and this sunset was insane, snapped it on the way home from drama rehearsals 
4. End of exams celebrations after French at the lovely cafe "La Renaissance" with friends and a $7 dollar raspberry tart 
5. Last but not least - my bikini arrived and I am so happy that it fits. However not allowed to wear it for another 25 days. BIRTHDAY PLEASE COME SOON!!